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Organization specific information

  • Organization name and address
  • Parent Organization, is the over arching entity that may have an association or relationship to other entities such as sister hospitals, physician office practices. Create Sub Organizations to represent those associations or relationships under the parent as needed. See 'Organization Relationships'.

System Settings

Site Url

Is the URL used by all organization members to access their organization specific Healthtrax application. An example would be

Domain and Address - Active Directory

Active Directory

Active directory username and password authentication is used to access the application.

The member will use their Active Directory credentials to authenticate to their Active Directory server; Healthtrax then authenticates using the member information, hence generating a token and completing the authentication process.

The Organization will provide the domain name.

  • Domain name is a globally unique name. It "defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, and control" for a group of computers. 
  • Active Directory Domain names are controlled by the same set of rules and principles, that govern traditional Domain Name Systems (DNS)
  • An Active Directory domain is a collection of objects within a Microsoft Active Directory network. An object can be a single user or a group or it can be a hardware component, such as a computer or printer. Each domain holds a database containing object identity information.

The Organization will provide the domain address

  • The main function of DNS (Domain Name System) is to map user-readable computer names to computer-readable IP addresses. Thus, DNS defines a namespace for computer names that can be resolved to IP addresses, or vice versa. 

Completion of the domain name and address is used to detect whether to log in with their Healthtrax member e-mail address or organization Active Directory username.

Enable Patient Location Updates via ADT

Controls whether patient location is updated automatically by ADT integration. Recommend not to use ADT "ON" configuration.

Configuration of the ADT feature to 'OFF' (not selected) will allow the patient location to be manually set when logged in and editing the Whiteboard.


Indicates the type of organization, select 'Hospital' from dropdown menu



Controls whether Whiteboard features are available


Whiteboard configuration - presence or absence of

Manage Patient, View Visit - presence or absence of "View Whiteboard" button and "Share" button

Manage Patient, View Visit, Medications Tab - edit aside field "Show on Patient's Whiteboard" - precense or absence of this field

My Patients - Location field tool tip 'View Whiteboard' and hyperlink to whiteboard - precense or absence of

Search for patient - patient location with hyperlink to view whiteboard and tooltip will be seen or not seen

Nurse Unit Summary - patient location will or will not have hyperlink to view whiteboard and tool tip

Hourly Rounding

Control whether Whiteboard features are available


Hourly Rounding configuration - presence or absence of

Document - presence or absence of

Whiteboard - link to hourly rounding - presence or absense of

Organization Relationships

Child Organizations

  • Is located in the Organization Relationships section of the details.
  • Has a relationship to the parent organization such as a facility located in separate geographic location.
  • Will use the same Active Directory attributes of the parent organization.
  • The child organization will have a name and address, organization type, and the parent organization.
  • The child organization will have the same properties, preferences as the parent.
  • Organization Relationships are viewable by the Organization Administrator, but is not editable by the Organization Administrator.

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