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The Healthtrax team at iWT Health

Sharing the whiteboard

From the Edit Whiteboard or View Patient pages select the "View Share Team" button

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Enter the Share Team email address.

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Stephen will receive an email. He can register or if already registered log in and view the whiteboard.


Polly Parker shared a whiteboard for Mary Jenkins at CHI Demo Org with you.

New user? Click here to register and view the whiteboard.

Already registered? Click here to log in and view the whiteboard.

If you believe you received this message by mistake, you may disregard this email.

The Healthtrax team at iWT Health

This is a view when sharing the whiteboard, that has followers. You will see all of the share team listed.

  • In this example Stephen has accepted the invitation. 
  • You can see that the other email address has not had action taken, showing a status of "pending share".

From this view, a share can be revoked.

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Nurse Polly has successfully shared Mary's whiteboard with her husband.

Nurse Polly can see a list of followers for her patient and may revoke the share.

From the Patient's Perspective, logged in as Mary, who are my followers?

Mary can see who her followers are. Mary can also see who she is following...

Mary can share her whiteboard. 

  • Select the patient record to share

Mary can revoke sharing of a follower.

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A share has been revoked success message.

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From the Patient's Perspective, what are My Health Records, show me my current Hospital information.

Select My Health Records

From this page select View Whiteboard

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From Followers Perspective, logged in as Stephen, who am I following?

Stephen can see who he is following.

Stephen can share his whiteboard if he has one.

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