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New Features

  • Users can now view a single log on a new page.
  • New view for viewing log details.


  • Variable updates will now flag all processes that use the variable.
  • The home screen will now display how many processes should be running.
  • Entire sora log views have been migrated to Vue.js and the new TypeScript API.

Architecture Updates

  • Login unit test works without manual developer interaction
  • Yarn VueJS linting
  • Variable API has been migrated to TypeScript
  • Prettier is now included for automatic formatting.
  • Sora-database & sora-api is moved inside sora-monitor.
  • Minor TypeScript conversions for several modules (query-builder, queue, process data store) and configuration upgrades. 


  • Package validators should now re-load if a package is updated.
  • Should now be able to try to create a process again if it fails to create.
  • New processes won't get stuck in an stopping / starting state if the package crashes.
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