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Anyone who wishes to access Healthtrax must be a member. A member will have an email address and password for access to Healthtrax.

A member will be able to have an assigned Role. Read about Roles

Member lockout time period is 5 minutes.

Search / Edit

Care Team List

Members may be viewed for an organization - the columns of data from left to right are the member picture (or silhouette if no picture),  last name, first name, email address, 'active' status. 

You may search for a member using any part of the name or email address.

You may filter your search results to search 'By Role' or use the wildcard search.

List defaults to 100 rows.

Columns can be sorted by profile picture, name, and email address.

View / Edit Care Team Details

Select a member row to view or edit that member.

  • Edit Member - hover over any of the data field areas to see the edit icon (pencil) and data entry box. Edit member name, title, credentials, contact number, external ID and role(s). Select the pencil indicating you wish to change or enter a value. To save click the check box.
  • Change Profile Picture - The member organization profile picture may be added / changed on this screen. This picture will override the member personal profile picture. Hover over the silhouette or picture to see the edit tool icon. 
  • Edit Roles - Member roles may be added, changed from this screen.

Action Buttons:

View All Members - will allow System Administrator to view all members across all organizations. Button is hidden if not a System Admin.

View Care Team - will allow the Organization / System Admins to view care team members for that organization.

Revoke Access - this will prevent that member from logging on to that organization.The member will still be able to access Healthtrax as a member, seeing My Health Records and My Share Team. The care team list column Active will display "No".

Grant Access - to reverse the revoke access. The member will now be able to log on to their member organization. The member role is not changed or removed by the system in this process.

Deactivate Badge - deactivate the badge of a member, for example if the badge is lost and access to that badge needs to be revoked. Deactivate badge is found on the top right of the Care Team list view; the organization administrator has access to this feature and must know the badge ID for the badge they wish to deactivate. The member owner of the badge may edit the badge ID in their member profile. Under "Actions" select "Set up badge".

Deactivate Member - will deactivate the member account for all of Healthtrax application, across all organizations. The list view of members will show this member as 'Account Deactivated'. Once deactivated, the action button will include 'Activate Member'. This feature may only be performed by a System Administrator.

Activate Member - will re-activate the member account for all of Healthtrax application, across all organizations previously defined. The list view of members will show this member as 'Active', Yes. Once re-activated, the action button will include 'Deactivate Member'.  This feature may only be performed by a System Administrator.

Add Care Team Members

Care team members are divided into 2 groups - those that will login to Healthtrax as registered members with an email account, and those who will not login to Healthtrax, but will be shown as a care team member on the in-room device.

Can Login

Register Member

  • Begin registration process on behalf of someone else. They will be sent an email to confirm their account.
  • The member role and externalID is assigned as part of this process.

Add Existing Member

  • Add an existing member in the system to your organization.
  • The member role is assigned as part of this process.

Confirmation tokens expire once 3 hours have passed. Users have the ability to request new confirmation tokens so they can confirm their accounts from the login screen.

Invite Members

  • Invite others via email to register themselves. May enter 1 or many email addresses at a time.
  • The member receives an email inviting them to join Healthtrax. The invitee clicks the link in the email, completes the registration form. The invitee gets a confirmation email requesting the person to confirm their account from the email link.
  • The member role is assigned as part of this process.

Staff Invite

This is the workflow showing the emails and pages that would be generated at the various steps of the registration process using the Invite Members function.

Please note that the invitation email is from the iWT Health Help Desk and the subject will show the name of who sent the invitation.

Invitation token can only be used once. The invitation will expire and be unusable after 7 days. However, under the "Invite Members" function, go to "Expired Invitations" tab, find that care team member's email address and select tab "Send New Invitation" to re-initiate the onboarding process.

(1) Invitee receives email

(2) Invitee clicks on "Join Healthtrax" and is presented with the registration screen.

(3) After the form is completed, click "Create Member" causing an email to be sent to the invitee.

(4) Invitee receives email to confirm their account


Invite Member Registration Process Tracking

  • Ability to view the status of invitations that were sent to prospective members.
  • You can select Active Invitations, Expired Invitations, and Redeemed Invitations

Active Invitations

Expired Invitations

Redeemed Invitations

Cannot Login

Create Member

  • Create a member who will not be logging into Healthtrax.
  • The member role is assigned as part of this process.

Import Members

  • Unregistered Care Team Member Import

    • As an Organization Administrator I can import an Excel or CSV file of new members. I will select a file to import.
    • As an Organization Administrator I will select a role to be assigned to this group of new members.
    • As an Organization Administrator I will map the field columns of the spreadsheet.
      • The fields available for import are First Name, Last Name, Credentials, Title, Contact Number, Photo Import File Name, and Care Team member ID (externalID for integration purposes).
      • I will indicate whether the file has a header row or not.
    • As an Organization Administrator I will test the file import.
      • I will be able to proceed with the import, or indicate the import results are incorrect and start over.
      • I will remap my fields, or fix my file, and then repeat Test Import.
    • I will be presented with the number of members successfully imported, number of members not successfully imported and the ability to download the failed records to a report - Export Failed to Import Report. The report includes why the import failed for each row.

Step 1: Select File

Step 2: Select Role

Step 3: Map Field Columns

Member Timezone Information:

The member will have a Time Zone associated with their member account that matches the browser time zone that created the account; the member time zone can be modified by the member only. This time zone influences the view of whiteboard fields that are a date / time format when that member is logged into the Whiteboard. The data value is stored as a UTC date time, and converted to the member time zone upon view if the member is logged in to Healthtrax, authenticated view.

Member Title and Credentials Information

  • Are set when any of the individual member registration features are used.
  • Title and credentials are fields included in the member registration form, in the case of Invite Members.
  • Is maintained by the member, and/or organization administrator.
  • Title and credentials settings on the member personal profile override the organization level settings for title and credentials.

Member Picture Information

  • Can be imported by the organization admin.
  • Can be imported by the member to their personal member profile.
  • If member pictures exist at the organization level and the member profile level, then the organization level member picture will be seen in the Care Team view.

Active Directory Information

  • If the site is using Active Directory then the registration forms will include the field for their active directory username.
  • Implementation - you don't want to start creating accounts prior to having active directory 'on' in a grand scale. Wait for VPN connectivity before on-boarding staff.
  • When creating an account with an Active Directory username that is already in use, the application now returns an error and prevents this from occurring.

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